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Store Decor


A Sherwood Company

We Are a Team of Craftsman Who Custom-Build Retail Decor Signage and Fixtures for an Integrated Retail Environment

When it comes to retail sales, environment matters. Creating a total retail experience for buyers is a proven means of driving more traffic, more sales, and higher per-sale volume. Customers demand a buying experience that’s streamlined and consistent across all chain locations and retail outlets.

Signage, Fixtures and Branded Design to Attract Sales

The signage and fixtures you use are core components of designing that experience. Capture and engage your consumers with displays, signage and branded design elements.


Wayfinding Signage


Department Identifiers


Category Call-outs


Menu Boards


Aisle Disruptors


Educational End Caps


Retailer Branded Fixtures


Seasonal Displays

The success you achieve in developing an effective signage campaign starts with the relationship between you and the visual design department.

Our design team focuses on how to translate a strong, cohesive vision for your customer experience, then delivers it in a format that works within a single outlet and across your entire chain.

Our ability to provide key components of your retail environment affords you economy-of-scale savings while still maintaining brand strength across all platforms.

Our in-house, direct-to to-substrate printing and automated die-cutting processes quickly produce one-offs for testing to find your best retail solutions. When you and our design team have found that winning design, we’re able to initiate wide-scale production seamlessly.

From conceptualization to production, we’re here to help you transform your customers’ environment and supercharge your sales.

Although infrastructure is very important in this every growing customized industry, so are the manufacturing abilities. A lot of this manufacturing process can only be achieved with true hospitality manufacturing equipment. We are one of the only facilities in the USA that has the manufacturing machinery specifically geared toward the hospitality industry.

Retail Activation

Sherwood in partnership with SMP Global offer industry leading solutions for retailers and CPG companies

Media Activation

Sherwood Integrated Solutions breaks down the silos within the media landscape...

Consumer Packaging

Packaging is the vessel that defines the style, innovation and consumer perception of your brand.


Our printing trading partners print with a variety of executions as well as on multiple materials.

Freight & Logistics

Sherwood Global Logistics provides Freight and Logistics fulfillment, accepting trade credits for its services.