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Media Activation

Sherwood Integrated Solutions breaks down the silos within the media landscape and aggregates media schedules across all platforms using data to connect your brand(s) with your target consumer.

Our investment and activation team can utilize a virtually unlimited list of media partners and data providers to assure the media achieves the KPIs that drive your business and secure positive business outcomes. Sherwood can act independently with you, or work collaboratively with your strategic planning agency to achieve optimum results.

Our Media Partners

Our Data Partners | DecisionPoints

Built using proprietary pinning software. Records are pinned as individual, household and address. DecisionPoints supplies income, age ranges, home ownership, and so forth at the household level; age, gender, and given name at the individual level; and geographic data at ZIP +2, zip code, and census tact levels. The DecisionPoints file carries over 500 fields with 4,000+ values, ranging from length of residence to # of children in a household and is updated every six weeks.

Direct From Retailers, Brands and Publishers

A pixel is placed on a retailer, brand, or publishers entire website. Utilizing the pixel allows a user to be tracked when browsing a specific product to when they make a purchase.

Location Data Via GPS

Partner has their software development kit in over 170K mobile apps where users give permissions to have their location tracked. This can be leveraged for located based intelligence on where people go.

Location Data Via Epsilon’s Offline Address Records

Partner has access to address records in a PII (personal identifiable information) free manner so individuals can be targeted based on their home address.

Marketview 1st Party Data

This is merchant level non-cash transactional data from over 1,000+ merchants that allows partner to leverage for targeting based on how much, how often, or how recent someone makes a purchase.

Nielsen MRI

Segments are created through a “segmentation analysis” which cross tabulates responses from Nielsen’s People Meter Sample and MRI’s Survey of American Consumer, on specific consumer behavior across hundreds of demographics that are measured. These segments, rather than focusing on creating a large volume of consumers to reach, create a strategic target focused on consumers that report a preference, or higher likelihood, to behave in a certain way or have specific interests.

Nielsen NTI (Nielsen Television Index)

NTI provides audience estimates for all national broadcast network television programs.

Online Behavioral Data

1st party behavioral targeting that is leveraged by monitoring behaviors across desktop and mobile sites.


The Oracle taxonomy, encompasses all the audience attributes able to be covered. There is a very exhaustive amount of characters, behavior, sentiment that can be included.

Nielsen Catalina and IRI

Purchase based targeting at the UPC level (Nielsen Catalina and IRI): 3rd party transactional data by UPC and category that is onboarded and matches to a 200M+ person profiles to leverage for targeting brand loyal shoppers, competitive brand purchasers or category purchasers.

Shoppers Voice 1st Party Data

Largest consumer Opt-in survey in the US compiled by Epsilon that is leveraged for targeting insights you won’t find anywhere else, directly from tens of millions of consumers across the U.S. The proprietary survey database spans 1,000 data points, including product preferences and purchase behaviors. Respondents are opted-in, highly responsive and available for you to reach across multiple channels.

Total Source Plus 1st Party Data (Epsilon)

Offline data compiled by Epsilon that is leveraged to reach specific segments from a database including but not limited to: demographics, financial, lifestyles, market indicators and triggers for stand-alone ad campaigns.

TV Squared

Primarily used to garner additional insights about the effectiveness of certain programs, dayparts and networks driving response from consumers such as a website visit or purchase, using probabilistic methodology.

Variety of 3rd Party Vendors

Works side by side with a variety of 3rd party vendors to measure the ROI of a campaign using tools such as location-based or brand awareness studies.


Utilized to serve surveys to garner attitudinal insights about the target audience.

Retail Activation

Sherwood in partnership with SMP Global offer industry leading solutions for retailers and CPG companies

Media Activation

Sherwood Integrated Solutions breaks down the silos within the media landscape...

Consumer Packaging

Packaging is the vessel that defines the style, innovation and consumer perception of your brand.


Our printing trading partners print with a variety of executions as well as on multiple materials.

Freight & Logistics

Sherwood Global Logistics provides Freight and Logistics fulfillment, accepting trade credits for its services.