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Our multiple manufacturing facilities’ advanced capabilities, from state-of-the-art printing effects to laser cut metal to intricate carpentry, make your vision of your retail space an achievable reality.

Our team of engineering brains build interactive retail displays, signage, and other essential branding elements that resonate with customers.


With its ability to sustain large amounts of weight, wire has great durability, making it ideal for more permanent use in your long-standing retail displays. Wire is also highly flexible, giving us the ability to customize the look and function of your wire display perfectly around your product and package design. Our wire units are powder-coated with a variety of stock colors so you can design the wire displays that best fits your brand.


Floor and Counter Units


Rolling Racks


Self Management Systems


Gravity Feed Units


Versatile, colorful and durable, plastic design elements work in a host of applications and retail environments. From futuristic Lucite to lightweight versions of classic motifs to brilliant injection-molded shapes, plastic can convey any mood you choose. Our production facilities transform raw materials into lasting retail displays and design features that fit your retail space precisely.

Plastic Display Options Include:


Counter Units


Molded-To-Fit Racks


Custom Feeders


Permanent Signage


Aisle Disruptors


Case Stands and Displays


End Cap Features

Corrugated Card and Paper Stock

With their low cost and high impact, corrugated cardboard and paperboard displays are ideal for seasonal and frequently changed displays. Card and paper also align well with many retailers’ environmental priorities, and we honor their commitment with a wide range of recycled and recyclable materials. Choose different combinations of paper types, flute sizes, finishes and multiple layers to achieve different characteristics. With many sizes and types of corrugated material, you can create an immersive buying experience that changes with your customers’ interest.

A Flute 1/4″ thick

B Flute 1/8″ thick

C Flute 3/16″ thick

E Flute 3/32″ thick

F Flute 1/16″ thick

G Flute 3/64″ thick

Corrugated and card products are often used for:


Figures and Cut-Outs


Free Standing Floor Displays


Short-Term Promotional Displays


Seasonal Design Elements


Tent and Triangle Signage


Wall Decor


Directional Signs For Special Events

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a process that forms plastic into various molds in multiple sizes and shapes making your project very creative. It is a very viable solution when looking to create unique shapes, sizes, and colors that usually cannot be achieved with its plastic partner, vacuum forming.

There are some constraints when looking at this type of manufacturing method: Tooling costs are typically higher with this manufacturing process. Higher production unit quantities are needed as well in order to justify the costs of the tooling.

Benefits are lower unit costs, faster production timeline, unique shapes, colors, and sizes. Cost factors over time are much more efficient as well since re-runs typically do not require a new tool. In addition, a re-run is much faster production as all of your tooling and engineering has been completed during the first launch.

We at SMP utilized this method when our sister company, Mark Phillip Display Systems, developed a patented shelf management system for Corning Glassware Company.

Corning was challenged by national retailers to display their glassware (bowls, baking dishes, chafing dishes, etc.) on shelf at retail. Consumers were having a difficult time shopping this category, as the glassware was stacked on top of one another. The other challenge was brand identification and ownership of the space within the category, truly identifying Corning as the leader.

MPDS developed an in-line merchandising system using the injection molding manufacturing method as one of the primary materials. There was also wire forming and silk screening materials used. MPDS provided a solution that did the following for the first time in retail, resulting in a joint patent with Corning Glassware.

    Merchandise glass at an angle for the first time
    Creating custom wire forms that snapped into the injection molded angled trays that were specific for each piece of glassware
    Expandable system for different size sets
    Branded with Corning Glassware on the front each injection molded tray
    Created a “beacon” in the in-line category making a true brand statement
    Ease of consumer shopping as now the consumer can easily lift there glassware without having to sort through multiple sizes and pieces
    Easily identifiable by the consumer
    Shipped in kits making retail set up easy and fast
    Secured to the existing retailer shelf sets with a universal set up system
    Became a national program that went into many of the grocery chains we shop today: Publix, Kroger, Stop N Shop, A&P, Pathmark, etc.

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Sherwood in partnership with SMP Global offer industry leading solutions for retailers and CPG companies

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Consumer Packaging

Packaging is the vessel that defines the style, innovation and consumer perception of your brand.


Our printing trading partners print with a variety of executions as well as on multiple materials.

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Sherwood Global Logistics provides Freight and Logistics fulfillment, accepting trade credits for its services.