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Case Studies | Ecommerce

How we help our clients in the ecommerce sector.

The Story

A well-known apparel company acquired their #1 competitor and transitioned their business to be majority e-commerce. Because of this new consolidated business they had $800K in excess/discontinued inventory.

The Solution

Sherwood paid full wholesale price of $800K to the apparel company in exchange for their excess inventory; $100K cash and $700K business credits. Sherwood then sold the excess inventory to secondary and tertiary retailers which were approved by the apparel company.

The Results

This transaction yielded positive EBITDA for the apparel company, resulting in the utilization of their business credits in exchange for ocean freight, post-click fulfillment and the creation of a new digital media campaign.

Retail Activation

Sherwood in partnership with SMP Global offer industry leading solutions for retailers and CPG companies

Media Activation

Sherwood Integrated Solutions breaks down the silos within the media landscape...

Consumer Packaging

Packaging is the vessel that defines the style, innovation and consumer perception of your brand.


Our printing trading partners print with a variety of executions as well as on multiple materials.

Freight & Logistics

Sherwood Global Logistics provides Freight and Logistics fulfillment, accepting trade credits for its services.